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28 October 2010 @ 02:55 am
Late Nights. Might as well use this thing.  
 Hmm. It's late. Like almost 3AM in the morning (which is still kinda early for me). I really should try and go to sleep early, especially if I am deciding to go back to school for the Spring semester.

To remind myself-- No freakin' classes before nine in the morning or I will never survive, let alone have the will power to get up for school.

Anyhoo, occupying my time with reading some OnHo fanfics and looking through author's journals, whose writings I happen to like, and LOLing all over the place at some of the gifs they have. I really need to jazz up this journal. XD Maybe once I figure out what I want as a layout (and once I beg Junnie to help me cause I fail at LJ and after messing up my previous one by accident) I can finally start using this thing. Maybe. Every time I say that I end up not looking at it for 6+ months or something, but I have a good feeling this time. And since I posted a story too, I feel more confident.

Junnie fell asleep and there's no one to talk to. Le sigh. Maybe I should socialize more on LJ. Haha.

I guess I should call it a night. Off to bed with my iPod and writing stuff. 

Night <3
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