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12 October 2010 @ 02:14 am
Hello, Hello  
Title: Hello, Hello! 

Author: Strawberryrii

Pairing: Taemin x Everyone <3

Rating: PG

Author's note: Uhm hi? First story I'm ever putting up. It probably majorly sucks, but ehhh. We all have those right? This was supposed to be pure crack but ending up being a somewhat thought out crack? Hmm. Haha. Got inspired by the new Hello MV and it just had to be written. Here goes nothing! Comments and constructive criticism more than welcome~ No specific timeline and I have no idea what Tae's school schedule is like. XD

And if you noticed, I couldn't think of a good title. XD

Taemin groaned as he rested his chin in his hand, elbow propped harshly against the wooden desk as he tried to concentrate on his work. Weary eyes scanned over highlighted equations and formulas he was supposed to memorize, but it just seemed to be a never ending staring contest at this rate.

Ruffling his red hair, some strands fell out of the messy pony tail as Taemin dropped face first into his text book.

"Urgh... Why?" He whined.

He was exhausted. Why, oh why did his finals before winter break have to fall on the same week as promotions for 'Hello' began? Of course, this wasn't the first time that tests had coincided with SHINee's promotional periods, but he liked to believe that he had been well rested back then.

If you call heavy concealer to cover his dark circles every morning well rested that is.

And plus, he had been studying for the past fours days, every morning taking his tests at school only to come back to the dorms to study. And on top of that, he had forbidden any of his fellow members to distract him. Taemin now questioned if that had been the right idea because pretty soon he was sure he might just set his textbooks on fire.

Little did the poor exhausted maknae know that without seeing Taemin for the past couple of days, the other SHINee member's were becoming a bit Taemin deprived.

Extremely Taemin deprived.


Key groaned as he climbed up the damned fire escape that was attached to SHINee's dorm building. This was the 12th trip this week he had taken up these stairs and his brand new green Converse looked worse for wear, a hole already forming on one side from where Key had trip the first time up.

Key cursed the existence of finals, along with the creation of dust as he tried, with out much success to brush off newly added dirt to his shoes.

He paused when he reached the top step, crouching low towards the warm red painted metal and laid down as comfortably as he could, his elbows propped on the flat platform and his body taking up the top two steps. If anyone had seen this him climbing and being creepy, they might have called the police because he seemed more of a creepy stalker than a famous idol at this moment.

But Key liked to think of this as extreme motherly devotion.

Key winced as his ribs connected with harsh metal, flipping his soft locks of hair out of his face so he could see right into the the window where his child was studying his brains out.

Blinds half shut, Key could make out the form of Taemin, brows furrowed as he seemed to be muttering to himself, flipping back and forth between a page of his book. The older boy just had to smile, he was so proud of his baby studying so hard.

Now, if only he could have actually been in the room, helping the youngest then it would have been a whole lot better.

He laid quietly as Taemin finished with one assignment and moved onto another, and before Key knew what happened, he was lolled to sleep by bright sun on his back and the warm metal of the fire escape he laid on.

If Key had managed to stay awake a bit longer, he would have noticed a brown haired boy shuffling into the building almost slowly, not wanting to be noticed.

Onew smiled as he walked into the dorm apartment. He knew he shouldn't be here right now, not because he wasn't allowed.

More because it was a certain someone's studying time.

But since he was the leader, he'd like to think he had certain privileges. Like making sure that Taemin hadn't bludgeoned himself to death on a textbook.

Plus, Onew had not seen that cute sunshine smile in 4 long days and it was driving him slightly crazy.

Walking towards the elevator, he pressed the button as he grasped the beautiful white bouquet of flowers in his other hand. He thought that this would brighten up their maknae from his continuous studying.

Ring Ding Dong

Onew tripped into the elevator, almost smashing his face and the flowers into the mirrored wall of the elevator. He moaned, his shoulder taking the impact as he straightened up, flipping his brown hair out of his face as his eyes stung from where the ends of his styled hair had stabbed them.

And this is why the stylists had been leery about giving him this long hair style.

It only took a few moments for the elevator to chime, opening it's doors. Humming, he walked out onto the 5th floor only to be stopped by caution tape crossing out the middle of the hallway.

Onew could only stare in disbelief. Blue tarp was laid out all the way down the hallway, paint cans and rollers lay strewn about as men worked quickly, painting the hallway a new cheery blue. It also looked like he wasn't the only one stuck on this side as he saw a small group of people talking, waiting patiently for the workers to finish.

Going up to the nearest painter, he tapped the man on the shoulder.

"Excuse me? Is it okay to pass? I really need to get to my apartment." Onew eyed the door to SHINee's living space and of course it happened to be one of the last located on the other side of the corridor.

The man turned, pulling his white mask off his face as he stopped painting. "It's going to be 20 minutes at most. We'll be done soon." And with that, the man inched away from the desperate singer and went back to his work.

Onew sighed as he sat down on the floor, closing his eyes as he leaned back against the unpainted portion of the wall until he felt tiny hands playing with his brown silky locks.

Oh dear lord...

Meanwhile, outside of the building...

Jonghyun panted as he walked up Wall Street, finally reaching home. He collapsed on the front step for a second, as he caught his breath. He had been dropped off halfway home by one of their managers, who had been called away to help transport SNSD since one of their drivers went home with the flu. So, he had walked the last 25 minutes and was sure his feet were going to hate him as soon as his boots came off.

It was a good thing the vocalist had convinced himself only to purchase one item from from the clothing store, though he did see many shirts he wanted...

So he might have bought one also.

Wiping the sweat of his face, he got up and went to the door, patting his pockets as he searched for the key. Pulling out nothing but lint and some old gum, he stared blankly for a moment.

Oh... Well...

Jonghyun let out a little curse as he realized his phone and keys were left in the van, in his satchel where he had been sitting. Sinking to the cement, he let out a quiet sigh and waited, hoping for someone to come or leave.

Minho smiled as he pet the giant white bear, stroking its fur between his fingers as he would with Taemin's bright red hair. Fingers twitching, he frowned and removed his hand from the bear, continuing to drive down the street in a new Candy Red Sports Convertible by Hyundai. Being their sponsors, he had convinced the Chief Assistant in Advertising to lend him the car for the rest of the week.

After all, just one more day of finals for Taemin before Minho was sure they could break away for a couple days to recuperate.

Parking in front of the dorm building, he caught sight of Jonghyun practically sprawled against the front entrance, waiting. Minho swiftly got out of the car, slamming the door as he grabbed the overly stuffed animal, swinging it over his shoulder, exuding such charisma that girls would have been inflamed with awe.

Fortunately, none were out. But some guys sure stared.

Apparently, he wasn't the only one coming home earlier today and he had an inkling that Jonghyun was here for the same reason he was.

Walking up the stairs in quick strides, Minho dug out the building key before the older of the two could say a word and opened the door.

"Minho!" Jonghyun almost screeched as Minho stepped between his legs, especially close to his crotch, hopping through the door way like he was competing on Dream Team. Minho rushed towards the elevator, pressing the button like a mad man before the elevator doors dinged open. Stepping in quickly, he pressed the 5th floor button what seemed a million times before the doors began to shut.

"Choi Minho!" Jonghyun yelled, stuck his foot in the door way before it slammed shut. He grabbed his shopping bag as he whirled himself into the apartment and watched as the short haired boy just smirked as the doors to the elevator closed.

Standing in shock for just one moment, Jonghyun quickly made his way into the stairwell, jumping every other step as he dashed for the fifth floor.

On the Fifth Floor

Onew cried on the inside, from joy and worry, as the painters cleared a walkway for the residents of the building. Opening his eyes, he stared into the eyes of a girl, no older than six years of age grinning toothily at him before running off to her mother. Dreading the mess that was going to be his hair, he was going to check with his phone before his eyes landed on the Minho, who was walking casually out of the elevator.

Eyes locked and before long a snort echoed loudly in the hallway.

"Hyung, did the hairstylist go crazy today?" The rapper spoke, mirth ringing in his voice as Onew gave the younger a light glare, a small smile slipping on his lips before remembering why he was here.

Slowly backing down the hallway with every step that Minho took forward, Onew gripped his flowers in one hand as he inched towards the door. "You know you aren't supposed to be here right now. It's studying time for Taemin."

Raising an eyebrow, Minho spoke, "And that means you here for what reason then?"

Onew gave the boy a bright smile as his hand reached the key pad to the door, sliding the metal case up to reveal the touch pad. "Why, to cook dinner of course! Being the good leader and a--"

"Choi MInho! Come back here so I can smack you!" Jonghyun burst in from the stairway, shocking Onew and Minho as the angry brunette made his way towards the other males.

Punching the code as quickly as he could, Onew pushed open the door with his sneaker as three bodies shoved through the doorway.

"Minho, you almost killed my future children!"

"It was an accident---"

"What are you two doing here anyway?" Onew almost shouted, before he was struck down by a pair of eyes.

Letting out a quick sigh, he tried to calm down the scene. "So, I take it we are all here for the same reason. To see Taemin, right?"

Nods followed his words. Onew smiled.

"Alright, let's calm down and take it slow and..." Onew grabbed Jonghyun's wrist as the boy speed by towards Taemin's room. Onew tripped over the hallway rug, taking down Minho as he tried to pass the two attached males. All of them stumbled towards the maknae's room and finally ended up crashing through the already slightly opened door and landed in a heap on solid floor.


The boys looked up from the floor to stare at their youngest, furrowed eyebrows stared at them in confusion. Before Taemin could say another word though, a large red blob slid elegantly through the window.

"How dare you guys bother my baby's studying! Have you no shame?" Key landed on the floor hands on his denim clad hips, frown settling on his cupids bow lips. He had just woken up from his slumber from the noise the males had been making.

Silence reined throughout the room before Jonghyun let out a shrill laugh, clutching his stomach before Onew followed suit. Even Minho's low chuckles were heard as Jonghyun cried out, "S-says the lobster man! H-have you no shame, you said? Ha ha."

Key glimpsed himself in the full view mirror hanging on the back of Taemin's door before a high pitched scream resonated throughout the room.

"My skin! I'm going to get wrinkles!"

"Oh, dear god! Key, that sunburn looks---"

"Shut up Onew! Did you just happen to paint your hair blue and add flowers for a flowering blossom effect?"

"And what's with that giant cotton ball. Seriously, what are we five?"

Taemin stared on as his members fought between themselves, Onew's flowers on the floor, petals everywhere. Minho's bear had ended up on the floor beneath the feuding SHINee members, while Jonghyun's box and a small white box lay smashed beside it.

Clearing his throat, the maknae tried to regain peace. "Guys, how about we calm down and---"

"Gosh, and what stinks? Jong, did you take a shower this week?"

"You try walking all the way home from the mall."

"I have. Many times and never broke a sweat."

"Be quiet Minho! I wasn't talking to you, child killer!"

"What? I am no child killer!

"GUYS BE QUIET! Please!" Taemin yelled, getting four pairs of shocked eyes to turn in his direction.

Taemin eyed each of his hyungs, taking in their appearances before smiling softly. "Missed me much?" He asked quietly, before picking up the discarded gifts off the floor and onto his bed. A nod of unison was all he got before being bull dozed over into a hug from all four of his SHINee family.

"You know you shouldn't ban us from seeing you when you study." Minho murmured, as he ran his fingers through Taemin's wavy red hair. Jonghyun nodded against the maknae's shoulder, hugging the right side while Key dominated the left. Onew stood behind Taemin and rested his hands on the boy's back, rubbing soft circles in the tense knots.

"Exactly. You know we all passed our finals when we were in your year. Just ask. We can help." Key muttered. It was the first time in four days he had even been near his baby, so his grip on Taemin's shirt was tight.

Taemin just smiled, and gave a small chuckle. "Next time then." He whispered.

The youngest ushered everyone out of his room, sending Jonghyun into the bathroom to shower, Onew to the kitchen sink and sat Key and Minho on the couch.

About an hour later, the whole SHINee family was seated at the couch, picking out a movie to watch. Jonghyun sat, fresh and clean in a plain white T-shirt and black shorts, holding out tonight's choices. Onew laughed as he watched the other members pick a movie as he ripped open the pouch of hot popcorn into some bowls. His head covered with a towel, had done the best he could to get all the paint out.

"Eww. I am not watching some slasher movie where all I see is a mad man hacking and slashing body parts every 0.3 seconds." Key whined, while he threatened to run his aloe vera slicked arm against Minho, who gave up on the idea of that movie quickly.

A couple hours later...

The rolling of the credits signified the end of the movie, but if you had asked any of the boys what they had watched they would have just given you a blank stare. In the end, no one paid attention to the movie and more just enjoyed that their whole family was back together.

That night everyone went to sleep happily, hugging their pillows and snoring peacefully.

Except for one.

Taemin set his alarm for 5:00 AM and woke before it even rang. He quietly showered and got dressed, packing his books and school supplies in his bag before leaving it by the door.

There was one last thing he had to do before he left for school.

Taemin sneaked back into his room where he grabbed four small white dolls, each of them hand painted with their own unique designs. Earlier in the afternoon, Taemin had gotten sick of studying and used a doll painting kit a fan had given him a couple moths ago. He had to give each of his member's their own as a thank you gift for giving him their gifts and for ignoring their existance.

Even though Onew had forgotten he was allergic to pollen...

And even if the pants Jonghyun had gotten, along with Key's ring were all a bit too large for him.

And he even still had to give Minho something, even though he was sure he had told his SHINee member's sometime in the past that he was scared of stuffed animals that were larger than him. It was only a cautionary action since it could cause suffocation after all.

Sneaking into each room, he left the gift were the member's were definitely going to see it and snuck out of the house for school.

As he walked towards the bus stop, he wondered if his hyungs would like their personalized gift.

And the maknae should have known it wouldn't take long to find out.

Later that afternoon...

Taemin laughed with a bunch of friends as they left the school gates, celebrating the end of their finals and getting ready for break.

"Yah! Tae we should all hang out and go karaoke!" One of his male friends said, as others chimed in an agreement.

Before Taemin could utter a word, a fancy red car zoomed down the street, slamming to a stop right in front of Taemin's group. In the car sat Minho and Onew in the front, while the back was occupied by Key and Jonghyun, who had left a seat between them. Smiling wide, Taemin turned back to his friends, "Sorry guys, maybe next time! I have plans for the next couple of days."

And with that, he carefully leaped into the car, crawling to the middle where Key attached his seat belt for him.

"Well, now that we're all here and ready..." Onew grinned as he turned to face the boy's in the back.

They all grinned.

"Let's go!"

And with that, the car sped off into the afternoon sun, heading far out from the city for a long needed couple days of relaxation.

That and also for some Taemin molestation, loving time!

The End!
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